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1."The event will also give us an opportunity to try out electronic timing machines considering that some of the gadgets were sent to Brussels for calibration and are now back. We need to see if they are in order and not faulty," Mutwii said. Enditem。
2.Only four minutes into the second half, Sharjah displayed their counter attacking skills as Welliton beat the last defender and found the net with his left.。
3.Leeds began their Premier League campaign with a 4-3 defeat away to Liverpool. Last weekend, the team coached by Marcelo Bielsa beat Fulham 4-3.。
4.Vasco are now fifth with 17 points while Coritiba are 16th, six points further back. Enditem。
5.Following the three Hubs, the WTT calendar will take a break to accommodate the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games. After the Olympic Games, the WTT hopes to return to a modified calendar of events.。
6."I am going to be extra careful hitting a tennis ball around the court. That's something that is obviously staying in my mind after what happened in New York," Djokovic said in a press conference before the French Open.。


1.After losing a goal, Wuhan dominated goal possession for a long time but failed to convert. In the second half, Wuhan brought on five substitutes but showed little efficiency in its attacks. In the 86th minute, Marcao extended the lead for Hebei and nailed the game 2-0.。
2.BERLIN, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- 2020 treble winner's Bayern Munich may have secured its position as Europe's top team by beating Euro League winner FC Sevilla in the UEFA Supercup final.。
3.Speaking ahead of his side's Carabao Cup game against Barnsley on Wednesday, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard said that former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, who is now a technical and performance advisor at the club, had been instrumental in the signing.。
4."The players are asymptomatic and have been isolated under the supervision of the club's medical department," Flamengo tweeted on Sunday night.。
5.SHANGHAI, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- 2020 League of Legends World Championship (S10) kicked off here on Friday, with 22 teams from 11 regions competing for the E-sport final crown.。
6.This year's French Open at Roland Garros is to take place from September 27 to October 11. Enditem。


1."As always, your encouraging words and support meant the world to me and I look forward to getting back on the court and competing for Canada next year," the 20-year-old added.。
2.In the 62nd minute, Suning midfielder Alex Teixeira Santos' back pass found Wu Xi in the box, who contributed a volley but the ball flew over the cross bar.。
3.Media reports speak of deep divisions between him and his players.。
4.After the victory, Hebei accumulated 21 points to rank fourth in the Suzhou division and secure the last ticket to the championship race, while Wuhan was sixth with 16 points and failed to make the top eight. Enditem。
5.Cadiz looked disciplined after the opening goal from the veteran striker, while Huesca struggled to create clear chances throughout the game.。
6."It was very important to win our next match after the 5-0 defeat. The Copa Libertadores is not only about skill, it's also about heart. And the players showed that."。


1、The next edition of the World Cup will be played in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022. Enditem。
2、In Sunday's game, Pirlo started new arrivals Dejan Kulusevski and Weston McKennie, with talisman Cristiano Ronaldo leading the attacking line.。
3、JERUSALEM, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Israeli champions Maccabi Tel Aviv lost 2-1 at home to Austrian champions Red Bull Salzburg at home on Tuesday, in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League's playoffs.。
4、While club officials said the case is solved after talks with the team and Szalai, coach Beierlorzer's reputation seems damaged beyond repair.。
5、"It's really a tough and close match," said spiker Zhang.。


"The event will also give us an opportunity to try out electronic timing machines considering that some of the gadgets were sent to Brussels for calibration and are now back. We need to see if they are in order and not faulty," Mutwii said. Enditem!


  • 来了 10-30

    With the infection rate greater than 35 per 100,000 inhabitants per week in Munich (56.13), fans were banned from Bayern's recent league game against Schalke.

  • 并没 10-29

    A month has passed since then and the game will be a good test of Liverpool's ability to defend their title after beating Chelsea a week ago and also of how much Arsenal have improved under Mikel Arteta. Enditem

  • 上百 10-28

    Tosic scored for Taizhou in the injury time.

  • 门大 10-27

    The message said that Zahavi leaves behind many good memories for the club and fans, especially his gestures after scoring and fancy shots, which made him an iconic striker in China. Enditem

  • 一定 10-26

    "We had an excellent first half, it's a pity we didn't end the game right away, we dropped physically in the second half and we knew that they were aiming for breakaways, but we were good at controlling them," Pirlo said after the match.

  • 束战 10-25

    Reports speak about Schalke's financial bottlenecks as one reason why Jochen Schneider hasn't fired the coach yet. The club's director has come under fire. Fans accuse him of being fatally inactive while Wagner is under attack due to his misleading tactical approach.

  • 非常 10-24

    Bach is also optimistic that vaccines could be available in the first half of 2021 after consulting medical experts from the World Health Organization.

  • 神大 10-23

    The deadlock was broken in the 37th minute as Huanghai's Gao Xiang jumped high above the Teda defender to head in Yang Yu's unexpected cross.

  • 直接 10-22

    Saba joined Guangzhou R&F in January 2019 and scored 18 goals in 36 appearances.

  • 的遗 10-21

    Leicester City will be without Wilfred Ndidi for 12 weeks with a groin injury and he will be an important absentee for their visit to face Manchester City, who kicked off their season with a 3-1 win away to Wolves, who visit West Ham.

  • 是不 10-20

    Ibrahimovic was close to finding the net in the 11th minute as his attempt went just inches past the far post after a meandering run in the box.

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